The artists of Oak Cliff welcome you into their homes and studios for the 2013 Visual SpeedBump Art Tour. Come out and see artists in their natural habitat and be amazed by all the creativity in “the Cliff”. The tour begins at noon on Saturday May 18th and runs until 6pm. This one-day event is Free and open to the public. Printed maps will be available at each stop.

Bryan Gooding

312 N. Rosemont Ave. Dallas Texas 75208

In the garage out back

Charley Mitcherson

1214 Pioneer Drive
Dallas,Texas 75214

Chuck & George (the Brians)

516 south marlborough ave, Dallas Tx 75208

With Ken Craft in the Dining Gallery

Clay Stinnet

1240 Hollywood Ave Dallas TX 75208

Davis Foundry Gallery

509 W. Davis St.,
Dallas, TX 75208

Gretchen Goetz

422 S Marlborough, Dallas Tx, 75208

with Scott Winterrowd
& Gillian Bradshaw-Smith

Mighty Fine Arts

409A N.Tyler between 8th and Davis St

Oil & Cotton

837 W. 7th Street
Dallas, Texas 75208

Creative Exchange of Dallas

With Kyle Hobratschk

Ray-Mel Cornelius

1526 Elmwood Blvd, Dallas Tx, 75224

Sour Grapes Studio

801 Seale St. Suite B
Dallas, TX 75208

Carlos Donjuan
Miguel Donjuan
Ricardo Oviedo

Teresa Gomez-Martorell

1202 Kings Hwy #1
Dallas, TX 75208

The Kessler

1230 W. Davis , Dallas, TX 75208

Group Show: "Super Exitos de Oak Cliff"

The Texas Theatre

231 W. Jefferson Blvd Oak Cliff, TX 75208

The Safe Room, Show #1
Cassandra Emswiler