Visual SpeedBump Art Tour 2017

The artists of Oak Cliff welcome you into their homes and studios for the annual Visual SpeedBump Art Tour. Come out and see artists in their natural habitat and be amazed by all the creativity. This one-day event is Free and open to the public. Printed maps will be available at each stop.

Saturday May 20th Noon - 6 pm !

Chuck and George

with Brad Ford Smith
Ollie Gee
Aza Smith
Vogelsang Bakery
516 S.Marlborough Ave.
Dallas TX 75208

Gretchen Goetz

with Scott Winterrowd
Gillian Bradshaw-Smith

422 S. Marlborough Ave.
Dallas TX 75208

Mighty Fine Arts

Presenting "The High Show"
Art Tour Afterparty, open mic and musical performances

409A N.Tyler St.
Dallas TX 75208

Sour Grapes Studio

Carlos Donjuan
Miguel Donjuan
Ricardo Oviedo

801 Seale St. Suite B
Dallas TX 75208

Kim Cadmus Owens
Lily Smith-Kirkley

2003 Brundrette St.
Dallas TX 75208

Deadbolt Studios

Matt Clark, Paul Winker
Randy Guthmiller
Zeke Williams
Jason Dann, Jessie Moncrief

2609 Parvia Ave
Dallas TX 75212

Angela Faz Studio

with Danielle Ellis

2026 Melbourne Ave
Dallas TX 75224

Drywall Studios

Iris and Brennen Bechtol

1122 Elmdale Place Dallas TX 75224

Sara Cardona

304 S. Montclair Ave. Dallas TX 75208

Chris Bingham

619 Tenna Loma Court Dallas TX 75208

Oak Cliff Pottery

James Olney
in the curbside 513 gallery

915 S. Franklin St. Dallas TX 75211

516 Fabrication

The Mud Campaign
Francisco Moreno
Gina Orlando
JM Rizzi

516 Fabrication St. Dallas TX 75212

Rachel Hoehn

222 S. Windomere Ave. Dallas TX 75208

Loretta Gonzalez

393 W. Jefferson Blvd. Loft 301 Dallas TX 75208

Oil and Cotton

Creative Exchange

817 W. Davis St. #110
Dallas TX 75208

Sunset Studios

1811 Balboa Place Dallas TX 75224

Pascale Pryor

Danielle Jones
Scott Trent

105 N. Willomet Ave. Dallas TX 75208

Robb Conover and Lara Lenhoff

at Gallery Three
open 2-8pm
1319 W. Davis St. Dallas TX 75208

Erica Felicella

Felicella is exhibiting some of her latest video works and reflections from a previous performance "Behind the Closed Door"
114 South Shore Drive
Dallas TX 75216