Who's Afraid of Chuck and George


CentralTrak, Dallas TX
A long running visual roast of C&G
Curated by Heyd Fontenot

chuck-and-george-736x622 Scott Winterrowd
01Chuck and George66 Window installation by Chuck & George
02Chuck and George66 Window installation by Chuck & George
CG_hallway@CentralTrak.01 The Hall Gallery.
Whos-Afraid-of-Chuck-George-021-736x491 Hall Gallery
DSC_2393 Kimberly Alexander....what's in the can?
DSC_2405 Gillian Bradshaw-Smith, Rusty Scruby. Anna Meyer
Whos-Afraid-of-Chuck-George-062-736x513 Matt Bagley, Rusty Scruby
DSC_2412 Matt bagley
DSC_2413 Matt bagley
DSC_2416 Rusty Scruby
CG_skulls.01 Anna Meyer
DSC_2421 Anna Meyer
DSC_2424 Anna Meyer
DSC_2425 Anna Meyer
DSC_2433 Alison Starr
DSC_2435 Shannon Dekat
DSC_2439 Schuessler, Vance Wingate
DSC_2444 Thor Johnson
DSC_2445 Thor Johnson